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Amigos Siempre Amigos, Inc. (ASA)

Dominican Republic


ASA reduces HIV and STI transmission among gay men, transgender, and MSM in the provinces of Santo Domingo and Santiago through increased access to high quality comprehensive health services packages along the continuum of HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, and community support and improves the quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV), especially gay men and transgender.


ASA is an informal group of friends, non-profit, funded by private companies, made up of people with or without disabilities, that promotes the social integration of young people and adults with physical or sensory disabilities, through socialization spaces that allow know and transmit experiences of life and disability, strengthen self-concept and self-esteem, generate solid links for an exchange of mutual support, to make their relationship with the environment more positive.


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+1 809-689-8695

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