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 Iranian Refugees' Alliance 

Iran (US based)


Their efforts fall under three categories: documenting and reporting the situation of Iranian refugees, especially where they are most under-protected and their rights are abused;
empowering refugees to assert their rights, particularly in countries where effective legal assistance is unavailable or scarce, by providing legal information, advice, translation, and representation; and providing financial support to those in need in countries where the right to employment and social support for refugees is severely restricted or nonexistent.


Iranian Refugees' Alliance, Inc. (IRA-INC) is a US-based international non-governmental organization preserving and promoting the human rights of Iranian refugees irrespective of their race, religion, gender, political persuasion or sexual orientation.


Sitio web:


(212) 260 7460

Correo electrónico:


IRA Inc.
Cooper Station, P.O.Box 316
NewYork, NY 10276-0316 USA

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