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Africa Arise Network



1. To identify and connect spiritual and secular leaders that are Kingdom-minded and prepared for the rising of Africa

2. To develop a deep sense of spirituality and patriotism amongst African leaders that are oriented towards the building of God's Kingdom

3. To develop a moral vision for Africa based upon God’s standards of holiness, purity and righteousness.

4. To develop a rigid framework on the foundation of Christ for Africa’s development that deals with the inner and outer man; mind, body and spirit.

5. To take the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the nations.


Our overall purpose and mission is to transform the African mindset by training, equipping and empowering Leaders from every facet of society to excel and to fight poverty which strikes many Christian Leaders and their families in order to raise strong Kingdom ministries to impact Nations.


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6601 Storer Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

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