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Alight (Formerly American Refugee Committee)



Our pri­mary and reproductive health services are fo­cused specifically on mothers and children. We help to prevent and treat the childhood illnesses that are too often the leading caus­es of high infant mortality rates. And, we provide the clean water, reliable sanitation systems, and hygiene education that keeps communities healthy.

Economic recovery and protection.


More and more former refugees are opting to return to Somalia after decades away. Through a range of activities, we're helping returning refugees and existing communities re-make Somalia.

We provide services to help rebuild health, water, protection, shelter, and economic sys­tems. We support both camps with internally displaced people and communities around the country. We’re aiming high, working alongside the country’s private sector to create 50,000 jobs for youth in the coming years.


Sitio web:


(800) 875‑7060

Correo electrónico:


615 First Avenue NE, Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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