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AREF - African Refugees Foundation



Community and Learning Participatory Initiatives
Vocational Training Programmes
Peace Advocacy Projects [Workshops & Publications]
Training of Mediators and Political Educators for African Communities


To develop strategic and scientific approaches in tackling the root causes of direct & structured violence that result in the creation of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. AREF is also involved in practical approaches to Refugee & IDP situations in Nigeria & Africa as whole.

Our emphasis will focus on amongst other activities, Peace Education, Artistic Presentations, Community Participatory Initiatives and Publications aimed at promoting and developing local integration.


Sitio web:


2348023548482, 08033067811

Correo electrónico:


Lagos State Old Secretariat
Off Oba Akinjobi Street G.R.A Ikeja, P.O.Box 5051k
Ikeja, Lagos

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