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Association pour la reconnaissance des droits des personnes homosexuelles et transsexuelles a l'immigration et au sejour (ARDHIS)



They offer advice, support and follow-up in their various administrative procedures with a view to obtaining a lasting right of residence in France, either for their private life or as a refugee. E. In addition, we offer a certain number of activities (football, French lessons, walks, picnics and visits to museums) to the public that we accompany in order to help them break their isolation.


The Ardhis (Association for the Recognition of the Rights of Homosexual and Trans Persons to Immigration and Residence) aims to recognize the rights of residence and asylum of foreign homosexual and trans persons, whether these rights are founded on the existence of a life as a couple with French nationals or with foreigners residing permanently in France, or on the protection requested on the grounds of the persecutions that these people have suffered or are at risk of suffering in their country because of their sexual or gender orientation.


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