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Asylum Protection Center



APC Legal Protection (legal aid and representation of asylum seekers/persons granted protection/unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, before asylum instances in asylum and in all other administrative proceedings, before magistrate courts, before administrative courts, constitutional court, ECtHR);

Our organization provides legal protection to migrants, asylum seekers and asylum seekers, informs them about their legal position in the country - rights and obligations, existing procedures, ways to protect and exercise rights, our organization reports abuses, fights against human trafficking and smuggling, as well as providing protection against specific cases of discrimination by individuals or institutions.


Asylum Protection Center APC / CZA is an independent, non-profit, but professional and skilled organization that provides legal, psychosocial and other support and protection to asylum seekers, refugees, displaced persons and any other persons who are in trouble of migrating. APC/CZA is active in improving the concept of asylum and the asylum system in Serbia, suppressions of prejudice and xenophobia, approaching the issues and problems of asylum seekers and the wider public in Serbia.


Sitio web:


+381 11 323 30 70; +381 11 407 94 65

Correo electrónico:


Mišarska 16, 11000 Belgrade

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