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Avenir Jeunes de L'Ouest



Avenir Jeunes de L'Ouest focuses on prevention, care and support, and human rights. Their activities include learning discussions, online prevention, test campaigns for HIV/AIDS, condom and lube distribution; home visits, group discussions, therapeutic education, mediation, individual interviews, referrals and counter-referrals, nutrition support, development of AGR; mapping and documenting gender-based violations, counselling and legal advice in case of violation, advocacy.


Their organisation works with and for female, male and transgender sex workers, as well as LGBTI people. We work to defend the rights of these people and ensure access to treatment/HIV services.


Sitio web:


(1) +237 695203779 (2) +237 655162535

Correo electrónico:


Headquarters Bafoussam-Cameroon, BP 292 Cameroon, Antenna in Dschang-Cameroon

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