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Beijing LGBT Center



The psychological department of Beijing LGBT Center takes "psychological counseling" services and "training of friendly psychological counselors for sexual minorities" as its core work content, provides professional psychological counseling services to the community, and cultivates friendly psychological counselors with diverse competences. As well, The Transgender Project Department adheres to the concept of "based on the community, serving the community" and emphasizes the importance of advocacy and service in parallel. From the community service work of the "trans-child space" and the "transgender hotline" to the industry advocacy work in the medical, legal and psychological fields, in order to achieve the self-growth of the community and the establishment of a social support system, all work is in service to empowering and advocating in this logical closed loop.


By creating a diverse and inclusive social environment, the Beijing Gay Center enables the gay community to enjoy equal rights and enjoy a healthy, independent, and dignified life.


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803, Building 1, Wanda Plaza, No. 93 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (near Metro Line 1, Exit D), Rm 1803, Bldg 1, Wanda Plaza, Jianguo Road No.93, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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