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CAMFAIDS provides shelter for LGBTIQ+ refugees, fight in defense of the human rights of LGBTIQ people, prevention and fight against HIV STIs, promotion of gender and identities, promotion of human rights in general, the right to health in particular, of the people most vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. They contribute to the promotion of lower risk behaviors among the populations most vulnerable to HIV; promote the active participation of the most vulnerable populations in national efforts to fight HIV and AIDS; and contribute to advocacy for the inclusion of vulnerable populations in national policies to fight HIV and AIDS as well as in those relating to the promotion of human rights.


CAMFAIDS is created on the basis of the following vision: “Cameroon is a country of individual rights and freedoms where HIV prevention, care and support services are available to all without discrimination or marginalization”.


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(1) +237 694 09 2113 (2) +237 675 35 3835

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