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Cape Town University Refugee Rights Clinic

South Africa


Specific services include:
- access to application
Documentation issues
- Lost documents
- Expired documents
- Errors on document
Rejections of status
- Appeal affidavits
- Representation at appeals before the Refugee Appeal Board
- Written representations to the Standing Committee
- Judicial reviews in the High Court
Family joinings
- Application for derivative status
- Children’s court enquiries
- Unaccompanied minors
- Separated children
- Access to schools
- Joining parents
Socio-economic rights
- Labour
- Education
- Health care
- Rental/ evictions
- Banking
- Etc.
Civil rights
- Access to justice
- Rights to dignity
- Equality.
Durable solutions
- Permanent Residence Applications
- Voluntary repatriation applications to UNHCR
- Stranded migrant applications to IOM
- Protection concerns.


The Refugee Rights Clinic is a law clinic registered with the Cape Law Society. We provide free legal services to refugees and asylum seekers in the Western Cape. The Clinic is professionally staffed by a team of Attorneys and Candidate Attorneys. Senior students from the UCT law faculty and visiting interns from around the world also assist the clinic in its work.


Sitio web:


(27) 21 650 5581

Correo electrónico:


Refugee Rights Unit
Kramer Law School Building
Middle Campus
1 Stanley Road
University of Cape Town
Cape Town
South Africa

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