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Caritas Sverige



Through fundraising, Caritas Sweden provides a concrete and tangible response to humanitarian crises such as natural disasters and conflicts. In this way, we can save lives, alleviate suffering and help rebuild affected communities.

We encourage each other to accelerate rescue in the event of humanitarian disasters, to support a development that encompasses the whole person and to influence governments and authorities to act against what creates poverty and violence.


Work with migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking and to promote the integration of all in our society. In that work, we have two main orientations that we work on in parallel: practical help and support for those fleeing or seeking a new future, and long-term advocacy work both nationally and internationally.


Sitio web:


08 - 50 55 76 72 and 070-963 45 01

Correo electrónico:


Visiting address Brunnsgränd 4, 111 30 Stockholm
Postal address Caritas Sweden, Box 2150, 103 14 Stockholm

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