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CIRE- Coordination et initiatives pour Réfugiés et Etrangers (Coordination of initiatives for Refugees and Foreigners)



They offer direct services to people of foreign origin or of foreign origin such as general reception and socio-legal assistance, citizen workshops, School of French as a foreign language (FLE), housing search assistance service, reception structure for applications for international protection and vulnerable people, as well as work, equivalence and training. They also carry out political advocacy work and information awareness raising activities.


CIRÉ's mission ensures that the policies carried out comply with the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights and affirm the need to strengthen the rights of foreigners, in particular the right of asylum; as well as to consider migrants as active citizens, who enrich our multicultural societies.


Sitio web:


+ 32 (0) 2 629 77 10

Correo electrónico:


80-82, rue du Vivier - B-1050 Brussels - Belgium

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