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Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation (CAISO) Caribbean Vulnerable Communities



CVC spearheads as well as provides support to regional advocacy for stigma free services, social protection of vulnerable groups including removal of legislative barriers to HIV and for appropriate health treatment and care. CVC places a priority on strengthening leadership and social mobilization of groups to act on their own behalf and to impact national and regional HIV and health policy and programmes. Stigma free services and social protection


Its mission is to mobilize the voice, visibility and participation of the diverse groups to impact the regional HIV response and to create an enabling environment by which to end the conditions and consequences of marginalization.

Specifically, CVC seeks to

· Strengthen capacity of vulnerable populations to act on their own behalf.

· Generate an enabling environment to support human rights and improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations

· Advocate for and facilitate the development of infrastructure to support culturally and contextually appropriate and accessible HIV management for vulnerable populations

· Develop and support culturally appropriate prevention programmes and models geared towards vulnerable populations

· Establish strategic partnerships built on trust

· Monitor and evaluate the impact of projects and programmes on vulnerable populations


Sitio web:


+876 631 7299

Correo electrónico:


Suite #1 1D-1E Braemar Avenue
Kingston 10
West Indies

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