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DRC Kosovo



DRC continues to work towards the creation of a sustainable and durable returns process to Kosovo through targeting not only the physical requirements of returning refugees and IDPs, but also social and economic reintegration and development, improving living conditions, facilities and opportunities for both receiving and returning communities, safety and inter-ethnic dialogue.

DRC also strives to strengthen our local partners' capabilities, as well as empower and build capacity amongst local authorities to ensure the ongoing support for beneficiaries in Kosovo.


DRC has operated continuously in Kosovo since 1998. Initially the assistance implemented by DRC focused on emergency aid, but was soon extended to logistics support, transport, shelter and reconstruction, income generating activities and social rehabilitation of IDPs, returnees and affected populations.


Sitio web:


+383 (0)38 243 793/4/6

Correo electrónico:


Mark Isaku Street 60, 10000 Pristina

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