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FARR - Swedish Network of Asylum and Refugee Support Groups



FARR is today a non-partisan and non-religious network that consists of, helps and coordinates groups and individuals who work to strengthen the right to asylum. The local groups have knowledge of asylum law, law and medicine. There is also social support and networks for young people and adults, asylum seekers and the undocumented. The local groups gather experience on how the law is interpreted, who is protected or denied protection and what the consequences will be for those affected. Support those who work daily for asylum seekers and the undocumented around Sweden with counseling, education and representation.


FARR is an umbrella organization for individuals and groups that work to strengthen the right to asylum. We work to ensure that Swedish asylum and refugee policy is characterized by humanity, solidarity and the rule of law, and that Sweden complies with international conventions for the protection of human rights.


Sitio web:


08-710 02 45

Correo electrónico:


Box 391. 101 27 Stockholm

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