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Forcibly Displaced People Network



They provide a peer-run support and advocacy group aimed to provide a space of community and belonging to queer refugee women; a community with of LGBTIQ+ people who have been forcibly displaced and LGBTIQ+ refugee-led groups around Australia; a monthly QR Book Club to read queer and authors of color, improve your English and see yourself represented in literature; community events; referrals to services and more.


Forcibly Displaced People Network (FDPN) is the first organisation in Australia to dedicate its work to the issues of LGBTIQ+ forced displacement and be driven by the lived experience of it. FDPN is established to promote human rights and inclusion of LGBTIQ+ persons in forced displacement through peer support and strengthening services and policy responses. FDPN builds upon successful work of the Queer Sisterhood Project and the 2019 Queer Displacements Conference. 


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