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Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)



HRLN provides pro bono legal services to marginalized people and make justice accessible to them; undertake public interest litigation (PIL) to advance the state of human rights in the country; engage in advocacy to fight oppression, structural or by any individual or an organised group; conduct legal awareness programmes to empower the civil society with knowledge about the judiciary; undertake investigation into environment and human rights violations through Indian/Independent Peoples Tribunals; provide people access to justice through Indian/Independent People’s Tribunals (IPTs); investigate human rights violations across the country and create provisions to bring the perpetrators to justice; conduct lectures, workshops and short courses are organised for personnel of various government departments, including the police; publish ‘know your rights’ materials for civilians to inform them about their rights and participate in grassroots and social development movements.


Create a justice delivery system that is accessible, efficient, accountable, affordable, and pro poor.


Sitio web:


+91-11-24374501, +91-11-24379855

Correo electrónico:


Socio-Legal Information Center, 576, Masjid Road
Jungpura, New Delhi - 110014

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