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Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa (SAHRIT)



Infuse and mainstream Human Rights (HR) in public institutions. Incorporate HR education in the school curriculum. Infuse HR in the training of Police Officers. Incorporate HR education in teacher education programmes. Address gender in all the Trust's programmes. Advocate for ratification of / accession to relevant HR conventions. Participate at international, regional and national conferences,
workshops and seminars on HR. Establish a HR Resource Centre. Initiate and carry out research in relevant topics on HR protection mechanisms. Establish community based child protection committees. Disseminate information on international HR protection mechanisms.


To facilitate the development of a society in Southern Africa that respects human rights, democracy and good governance. SAHRIT facilitates the development of a society
that respects human rights, democracy and
good governance. This will be achieved
through mainstreaming human rights,
democracy, good governance in public
institutions, advocacy and training.


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12 Ceres Road, Avondale

Harare, Zimbabwe

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