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It proposes various initiatives and orientations during the political plenary, which deliberates and decides, and the political pole then implements the decisions validated during the plenary. Any member association of Inter-LGBT can be represented by one or more people, at each of its meetings. It meets once a month in plenary and once a month in thematic delegations and working groups. As well, the Interassociative Pole organizes the Printemps des Assoces fair and subsidizes the creation of associative floats for the Pride March. During this March, he takes charge of the organization of the service of order and the granting and produces a set of messages on the theme of the fight against discrimination in coordination with the political pole, broadcast on the tanks wishing to support this action. Through these actions, the inter-association pole ensures its financial independence and does not benefit from any public or private subsidy.


To fight against discrimination based on morals, orientation or gender identity, within the framework of the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms.


Sitio web:


01 72 70 39 22

Correo electrónico:


c / o Maison des associations du IIIe · Box 8 · 5, rue Perrée · 75003 Paris

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