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Khawaja Sira Society



Khawaja Sira Society is non-governmental organization and Khawaja Sira Society (KSS) is a registered Transgender/Hijra community based organization working in the field of HIV/AIDS and health related issues of Transgender (TGs)/Hijra since 2012, Khawaja Sira Society (KSS) is providing HIV/AIDS prevention services to marginalized Transgender (TGs)/Hijra’s in Lahore Punjab and it’s also provides prevention and treatment services for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among Transgender/Hijras in Lahore.
In addition to that KSS is also working on community strengthening, stigma reduction and advocacy with key stakeholders to create an enabling environment where the community can get the basic health services and human-rights without any discrimination or harassment for their better and healthy life.


Khawaja Sira Society is community based organization where community works for community and striving for better and healthy life.


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