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MIT Trans Identity Movement | Onlus Association



Via Luna, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region, is a harm reduction project for those who practice sex work. As well, the Legal Desk is a free guidance tool aimed at trans people. The legal experts of MIT will be able to advise and guide the user in a first orientation service. MIT provides protection of the mental, physical and social health of trans and it is aimed at both individuals and couples and families in need of psychological support through the MIT clinic, created in collaboration with the AUSL City of Bologna and with the Sant'Orsola Malpighi Hospital. In addition, they provide a help desk aimed at promoting and defending the rights of LGBTI migrants who have chosen to live in our country. The service deals with social secretariat, assistance, counseling service, support and advice during the process of applying for international protection.


MIT (Movimento Identità Trans) is one of the most important associations of the Italian LGBTQ + movement and certainly the oldest.


Sitio web:


+39 051 271666

Correo electrónico:


Via Polese 22 | 40122 Bologna | Italy

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