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MIZAN Law Group for Human Rights 



MIZAN provide many service through their projects. The Protection of People and Human Rights project aims to raise the capacity of lawyers in the field of legal protection offered to victims of human rights violations and to help provide redress and end injustice caused to victims by providing legal counseling and legal assistance to those who are in need, especially to vulnerable or marginalized categories such as children, women and the elderly. The Ending Preventative Detention of Women at Risk project aims to raise the capacity of lawyers and specialists to provide legal, psychological and social counseling for women at risk and to enable and motivate them to seek and have access to a safe refuge from violence and to pursue redress. In addition, MIZAN offers the WE’AM Program for Reconciliation and Family and Social Reintegration.


Mizan is a Jordanian non-governmental organization established on 5th August 1998 by a group of female and male lawyers and registered as a non-profit company at the Ministry of Industry and Trade under no.3. It aims at promoting, protecting and monitoring human rights in Jordan to ensure respect for human dignity.


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