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NAGA - Associazione Volontaria di Assistenza Socio - Sanitaria e per i Diritti di Stranieri e Nomadi

Italy - Turin


The Naga's 400 volunteers guarantee free health, legal and social assistance to irregular and non-illegal foreign citizens, Roma, Sinti, asylum seekers, refugees and victims of torture, as well as carrying out training, documentation and lobbying activities on the institutions.


The Naga aims to become extinct when the public bodies in charge will take on concrete and direct management of immigration.


Sitio web:


Naga Association: 02 58102599
Naga Har Center: 02 3925466

Correo electrónico:


Naga Association: Via Zamenhof, 7 / A, 20136 Milan
Naga Har Center: Via San Colombano, 8 A - 20142 Milan

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