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People's Empowerment Foundation



PEF organises meetings and trainings on ASEAN for local networks. PEF encourages local Thai organisations to engage with ASEAN bodies and ASEAN human rights mechanisms at national level to ensure ASEAN People’s Centre. PEF believes in the principle of human rights and works on promoting the implementation of international human rights standards in Thailand.


People’s Empowerment Foundation (PEF) is a Thai Foundation which was registered on 1 July 2008 under the Thai Foundation Law. PEF is a non-profit organisation which focuses on creating sustainable mechanisms for individual actors, community organisations, grass- roots coalitions and popular movements to work together to achieve social change. It promotes a wide range of human rights and human security issues throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia through civil society networks with community-based partner organisations. Within these networks knowledge, strategies and resources are shared aiming at positive social change. One of PEF’s main activity is strengthening the organisational capacity of the network/ partners by providing them with information, skills and knowledge training, capacity building tools, logistical coordination, and other assistance adapted to each group’s particular needs.


Sitio web:


+66 -29466104

Correo electrónico:


1/546 NuanChan Road, Bungkum, Klongkum
Bangkok, Thailand

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