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Poradna pro integraci (PPI) (Counselling Centre for Integration)

Czech Republic


Provides legal, social or psychosocial assistance and support in education. It also provides Czech language teaching for children and adults and also offers tutoring in common school subjects. The main content of social counseling is professional social and legal assistance to clients. In particular, informing clients about the functioning of the system in the Czech Republic, providing job counseling, assistance in finding housing, supporting clients in providing education and accompaniment to authorities, doctors and other institutions. Legal advice helps clients in the area of ​​residence permits, in some civil disputes, in resolving issues concerning the granting or refusal of citizenship.


Their mission is to help foreigners integrate into society so that they can become full citizens with all rights and obligations. The aim of our work is to alleviate discrimination and xenophobic moods in society.


Sitio web:


+420 603 281 269

Correo electrónico:


Opletalova 921/6,, 110 00 Praha 1

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