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Programma Integra (Migration, Asylum and Social Integration Centre)



There are measures aimed at migrants and refugees designed to assist them in their journey towards a social and economic autonomy. Intensive and seminar-based courses to improve competences and knowledge of social professionals in the field of reception and integration of migrants and refugees. National and European networks to expand and deepen the knowledge of the topics of immigration and international protection. Projects and services aimed at early childhood and support for the families. In particular a nursery-type school for children age 18-36 months based on the Maria Montessori guidelines.


Programma integra is a social cooperative, whose aim is to implement and support plans for the social integration of migrants and refugees, in order to promote the start-up of sustainable and durable processes of autonomy and to contribute to the welfare and the development of the community.


Sitio web:


+39 0645753490

Correo electrónico:


Via San Antonio Maria Gianelli
19-19B, 00182 Roma

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