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Secretaria Distrital de Integracion Social -Subdireccion para asuntos LGBTI



The two Centers for Comprehensive Attention to Sexual and Gender Diversity (CAIDSG) of the Subdirectorate for LGBTI Affairs of the District Secretariat for Social Integration have modalities of service for the care of older adults from the LGBTI social sectors, the same as in the community development centers, it is planned to link spaces for encounters and activities based on sexual and gender diversity. In particular, they support trans people with identification according to their identity to eliminate barriers in their documentation processes.


To strengthen the exercise of rights and change of imaginaries in the face of sexual and gender diversity.


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(1) Administrative Line: +57 (1) 3 27 97 97 (2) Hotline: +57 (1) 3 80 83 30

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