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Slovenska Filantropija (Slovenian Philanthropy, Society for the Promotion of Volunteering)



Slovene Philanthropy has been actively responding to social problems for the past 28 years, encouraging and developing volunteer work and intergenerational cooperation, acting in the area of migration, helping the vulnerable and is a vocal advocate for human rights.
We include individuals as volunteers or users of our programmes
We offer various services for NGOs as the coordinator of the Slovenian Network of Volunteering Organizations
We collaborate with educational institutions and hospitals as counsellors, educators and partners in the field of volunteering
We offer counselling for social responsibility, organization of corporate volunteering actions and trainings to businesses
We prepare caterings of different world cuisines


Slovene Philanthropy, Association for Promotion of Volunteering, is a humanitarian organization working in the public interest since 1992. Our programmes are aimed towards raising the quality of living in the community and advocating for the vulnerable groups in society. Our central activity is the promotion of volunteering, because we believe that with volunteering, we can all contribute to a better and more tolerant society, which is based on respect towards everyone, no matter their personal or objective circumstances. We offer trainings for volunteers, mentors and organisers of volunteers, and educational content for various stakeholders. We advocate the following values: Solidarity, Respect towards People and Nature, Tolerance, Equality and Equal Opportunities for All. Our activities are united within different Programme Units.


Sitio web:


+386 1 430 12 88, +386 1 433 51 06

Correo electrónico:


Cesta Dolomitskega odreda 11, 1000 Ljubljana

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