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Syrian Observatory for Human Rights



The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is an independent and impartial UK-based
human rights organisation, founded in 2006 by Rami Abdulrahman. Since its inception, SOHR
has developed into a hundreds-strong network of activists dedicated to defending human
rights in Syria. Our organisation monitors, documents and publishes the daily developments
within Syria in order to provide an objective understanding of the situation inside the country.
The mission of SOHR is to preserve the truth in order to support justice, equality and freedom in Syria.


SOHR constantly monitors political, military and humanitarian developments in Syria in order
to produce accurate, honest and credible information and reports which offer clarity,
particularly at a time of great chaos and uncertainty in Syria. We continually work on
developing our network of reliable sources both in Syria and internationally. Our activists and
sources maintain anonymity in order to ensure their security, and to prevent the corruption of
the information they provide. SOHR produces its reports using multiple sources, such as video
evidence and testimonies, as well as medical, military and field reports.


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