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The Egyptian Foundation for Refugee and Migrant Rights



They provide legal services to refugees and hold community meetings to facilitate the creation of refugee community groups by providing training to key members of the refugee communities on the relevant laws and practices and the procedures to be followed.


EFRR was the first legal aid programme to hire Egyptian lawyers and focus exclusively on the provision of legal representation in Egyptian government proceedings, including in judicial and administrative proceedings. It remains one of the very few organizations to maintain this focus, and is therefore uniquely positioned not only to provide legal protection to refugees who continue to be arbitrarily detained in increasing numbers, but to advocate for refugee rights over time through relying upon and thereby bolstering international and domestic laws that protect refugees.


Sitio web:


(1) +2 (010) 988-955-88 (2) +2 (010) 988-955-89

Correo electrónico:


(1) Cairo Office: 7 mohamed mahmoud St , first Floor apt 9 Bab el louk , Downtown Cairo - Egypt
(2) Alex Office : Bulding number 22, First floor, Moharm Beck. Alexandria

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