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The Greek Forum of Refugees



They contribute to fight refugee marginalization or exclusion through the mediation of innovative digital and artistic tools. Through the ERMES project, the Greek Forum of Refugees train community interpreters/cultural mediators on mental health issues to improve the mental health services that are provided to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and on the other hand to improve our contact-making activities with relevant stake-holders and especially social services in order to highlight the importance of these training courses. The Greek Forum of Refugees team assesses, capacity building, active participation of refugees, and self-advocacy not only enhance and promote social inclusion of refugees, but also provide them with all the necessary tools, methods and in some cases materials in order for them to move forward to integration. A number of their projects provide support in the professionalization and sustainability of activities led by women.


The GFR’s mission is that of a holistic inclusion and the active participation of refugees in the host society.


Sitio web:


(+30) 2130282976

Correo electrónico:


Navarchou Notara 12, Athens-Greece

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