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UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group

United Kingdom


Supporting and advising LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum: providing emotional support and legal advice, including to people held in detention centres, and making referrals to solicitors.

Research & policy: working to ensure LGBTQI+ people are treated fairly and with dignity in the asylum and immigration system. See publications for examples of our work.

Training & information: providing training and information on LGBTQI+ asylum issues.


Working along-side migrants, refugees and long-settled British communities, we ensure people have a voice in the issues that affect them. This means they can transform their communities and society to work for all who live here.

This group only provides support for individuals who are in the United Kingdom and not international support


Sitio web:


020 7922 7811

Correo electrónico:


CAN Mezzanine – Borough: 7-14 Great Dover St, London SE1 4YR.

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